Halwende’s Legacy

by John Wegener

You can’t change your destiny.

After a failed coup to topple the despotic dictatorship on Eridu, Halwende must hide himself and the secret he doesn’t even know he carries. He survives as a trader until he crashes into a planet that shouldn’t exist. The mystery deepens when he stumbles into a civil war all too similar to the one he fled. Reluctantly agreeing to help the rebel Princess Adala, he treads a path to his own redemption. When a trading vessel answers Halwende’s distress beacon, he decides to use the opportunity to restore Helheim kingdom’s contact with the rest of the galaxy. But all is not what it seems with his would-be rescuers imprison him for the reward on his head. Once Halwende escapes, he embarks on a path of discovery, heartbreak, despair and determination to retake what is rightfully his. But what will it cost him?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera