Guardians:The Girl

by Lola Stvil

One Human
The Angel sent to guide her
One mission
And the love fated to end the world….

Fifteen year-old Emmy Baxter is certain nothing exciting will ever happen to her. That is until she is viciously attacked by hoards of demons on her way to class. A team of powerful angels, who earlier posed as her classmates, comes to her rescue.

Emmy soon learns that her name is the only clue given in the quest to find the location of a sacred map that shows the way to ‘the bridge of souls’. If evil gains access to the souls, it will use them to create an army and annihilate the world. Emmy has no idea where the map is or why her name was given as a clue. That doesn’t stop evil from hunting her all over New York City.

While battling evil and still trying to make it to class on time, Emmy finds herself falling in love with team leader; If Marcus and Emmy Unite, The world will burn.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban