Grump & Rose

by Aaron Burdett

Trolls kill. Violence is as much a part of them as their arms, legs, and tusks. Everyone knows about trollish Hunger, from drunk elves to righteous humans to greedy dwarves. Even the trolls of Blackwood Swamp embrace their curse, save the secondborn of the Bulderbags, Grump, who thinks nothing of Hunger and everything of his goat and the sunny lands beyond their borders.

As Grump’s murderous brother sets a brutal plan in motion, fate plucks Grump from his solitary life and plunges him into the midst of wizards, wars, and an old woman’s garden. Thrown into strange lands with even stranger people, Grump finds himself caretaker of a curious infant and companion to a goblin who promises a wish if Grump carries the infant across the world to his powerful master. Reluctantly, Grump agrees, unaware that the day he leaves his garden will be the day a troll determines the fate of the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic