Grieving Gold

by Daniel McDaniel

In the light-drenched world of Luminocity, there are two types of power granted by the gods: the power to find and the power to lose.

Laxerion is adept at finding lies, a skill that grants him a unique advantage as he blends into high society, leading heists to steal from the rich. Although Lax is used to being a target, he doesn’t anticipate reconnecting with his estranged father and inheriting a failing family business drowning in debt. If he doesn’t find a way to pay back the crime lord they owe a fortune to, he may be the next to lose his life.

Meanwhile, war is brewing on the horizon, a war that even a city blessed by the gods may be unable to avoid. As five fates intertwine, the currents of destiny inundate the city, leviathans stir amid the roots of a primordial ocean, and monstrosities inhabit human skins.

Will they survive?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic