Grail of the Grimoire

by J.S. Sterling

A reluctant sorceress. A papal plot. If she wants to survive, she must put her life in her enemies’ hands.

Rome, 1191. Cassandra’s magical powers could get her burned at the stake. Orphaned and struggling to survive, she dreams of using her gifts for more than conning men out of their coins. But when the Knights Templar kidnap her off the street, she’s forced use her sorcery on a quest to secure the Holy Grail.

As Cassandra attempts to win her freedom from the Pope himself, power-hungry enemies make a play for the coveted relic. Beset by darkness on all sides, the sorceress discovers that finding the grail may just answer the burning questions of her past.

Can Cassandra conjure enough magic to claim the prize before she’s swallowed up by the darkness?

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Category: Fantasy – Historical