Ghost Squad

by Sean Kennedy

Death and consequence in a fantastic Quest driven world

Kavi Stonecrest carries a heavy legacy. His mother is the famed Lioness noted for strategy and sword skills that won the battle of Valun. His father revolutionized the world with clockwork technology which offered an alternative to sorcery magic. Kavi has yet to find his path in the shadow of two legends.

Until he encounters a young woman hellbent on solving an unsolvable quest that stood unanswered for centuries. This leads to an epic adventure where Kavi is pressed into service, forced to face death every day in an ever more challenging series of trials. His team is known as the Ghost Squad as they are the walking dead. Only through this path does Kavi learn his true purpose.

Who are the puppet masters behind the Ghost Squad trials?
Can Kavi make it through hell to find a way out?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic