Ghost Squad

by Sean Kennedy

Heroes are forged in the fires of trial

Kavi Stonecrest carries a heavy legacy. His mother, the awe-inspiring Lioness, turned the tide of the Battle of Valun with her strategic genius and swordsmanship. His father challenged the foundation of magic and sorcery with visionary clockwork technology. Kavi stands in their formidable shadows, searching for his own path. Destiny is never content with silence, and the call to adventure roars when Kavi meets a young woman with unyielding spirit who’s embarked on an age-old quest, one that has mystified the world for centuries. He’s pressed into service where he’s thrust into a whirlwind of trials pushing the boundaries of life and death. Together with his comrades, the enigmatic Ghost Squad, Kavi must find a way to stay alive and learn his true purpose.

Book 3 releases this week!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic