Generations: A Science Fiction Political Mystery Thriller

by Noam Josephides

GENERATIONS is a heart-pounding tale of political intrigue and personal sacrifice, where love, betrayal, and shifting loyalties intertwine. It is the story of the indomitable will of a woman who refuses to bow down to tyranny, and of the enduring power of truth in a world built on lies.

For eight generations, the Thetis has been carrying the remnants of humanity on a journey to resettle on a new planet. Life on board is a Utopia: egalitarian, tolerant and united.

But when a strange extortion attempt targets the ship’s leader, that idyllic fa├žade begins to crack.

SANDRINE LIET, the introvert Archivist tasked with the investigation, is pulled into a web of deception and a direct collision with the most powerful people on the Thetis. Every step she takes, her suspicions of a far-reaching conspiracy grow – as are the personal consequences for her future if she keeps digging.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary