Gemini in Twain

by Alyssa K. Farrow

What happens when someone you love gets erased?
When Jamie McCarthy wakes up with a lingering sense of loss, she soon discovers that her beloved aunt, Aiden McCarthy, has vanished without a trace. Panic sets in as Jamie realizes that not only is her aunt missing, but her aunt’s entire existence has been erased from the collective memory of her family.
Desperate for answers, Jamie turns to Detective Emilia Sanchez, who promises to help as much as she can. But Aiden McCarthy’s disappearance goes beyond a mere missing persons case—it’s a deliberate erasure.
Jamie navigates treacherous waters in search of her aunt while dodging the deadly clutches of a mythical and dangerous group. The stakes are high, and every step Jamie takes brings her closer to a reality that defies the boundaries of everything she thought she knew.

Previously $2.99

Category: Dark Fantasy