Game Over

by Derek Edgington

“Game Over” takes place in the distant future, in a place far, far away from the planet we call home, in the virtual universe called Elisium.

Imagine a society freed from crime and illness, one sustained by a single, eminently logical system that was designed to seek the ultimate perfection of humankind. The Sibyl System seeks the elusive potential for perfection residing within humankind, and, at some point in time, becomes its greatest enemy.

Ekko Everlasting is thrust into the world of the game, “No Life,” but without any corresponding memories that might motivate him to value any one universe over the other… Ekko’s immediate concerns dealt with saving his own skin and regaining his lost self— exclusively in that order— not saving one universe, let alone two.

How would you play out the role dealt to you by fate?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian