Galactic Conflicts: First Contact

by Tyler Nicholas

The edge of the galaxy has gone dark. All outposts have fallen silent. When the Alliance sends scouts, they never return.

As a member of the legendary Orlion academy, Kane is no stranger to magic and danger. But when he and his mentor Jorak are tasked with traveling to the furthest reaches of the known galaxy to investigate a mysterious communications blackout, he knows that something has gone terribly wrong.

And upon reaching the outermost planets, his suspicions are confirmed. Other members of the Orlion academy are missing, nothing but ruins left behind. It soon becomes clear that the blackout was no coincidence.

Something is lurking beyond the reach of the Alliance. A dark secret, waiting for its chance to strike. One that’s not afraid to take on the Orlion academy and kill anyone who stands in their way…

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion