Future Apocalypse – A Time Travel Series Books 1-3 Box Set

by Barbara Gilbert

New and updated material in Book 1.

Looking for a different twist to the Apocalypse?

Paulette has a dream…to travel through time.
She elicits the help of a friend who doesn’t believe it will work, but helps her anyways.
Greg is an engineer who believes in what he can see and touch. Despite his reservations he helps his friend by building her a time pod.
Paulette being successful decides to travel 250 years into the future but it isn’t what it seems. Now stuck there she must find help.
Having found a group of people she can trust, they embark on a dangerous mission across a post-apocalyptic landscape to reach the mythical City of Technology. There she hopes to find the help she needs.
The city has their own plans and Paulette finds herself traveling through time and history in an attempt to stop them from changing the past, all while trying to get back home.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel