FREEFORCE: Darkon Rising 1

by L.E. Horn

One woman. An alien war. And a world desperate for a hero.
Lianndra starts her day on a beautiful beach and ends it in a cage.
Her life descends into darkness. Vicious reptiles twist her into something—inhuman. The mutations designed to help her swing through a deadly jungle on a faraway planet horrify Lianndra. Yet they are nothing compared to what is unleashed within her brain.
Lianndra’s anguish turns to hope when her new abilities enable her to free enslaved soldiers. Then one night, she stumbles across a familiar face.
Together they join a small band of humans determined to fight their way to freedom. But their cruel masters are in hot pursuit.
Their only hope are ancient creatures straight out of the pages of Earth’s mythology. But can she convince them to help? Or will she die trying?
If you love a perfectly paced space adventure with engaging characters, read FREEFORCE!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure