A Tail’s Misfortune

by SME

“In time, you will realize that you hold more magic than most can fathom.”

Sora Moore, a high school student from Miami Beach, Florida, is about to undergo a transformation that defies her wildest imagination. A fox girl with desire magic, granting her the power to manifest her heart’s desires…as long as she has the energy to fuel it!

Myths and legends unravel around her, Sora. The realm of high school bullies gives way to a sinister and grand mystical world, yet her struggles remain unchanged as she suspects that her life is not what it seems. Deeper layers and secrets lie hidden behind her parents’ veiled past.

Sora faces daunting questions. Can she adapt to her new life and confront the profound evils lurking in Miami’s shadows? Will she learn to harness her burgeoning magical abilities? Whatever comes, she refuses to cower or retreat, determined to master her newly awakene

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age