Forgotten Swords

by Robert Ryan

Can one man defy an army?

Only one of the legendary Raithlin would try. But trying is not succeeding – or even surviving. Lanrik is young and untested, but confident in the time-honored skills of the Raithlin scouts. He attempts to slow the horde long enough for a warning to reach his home city. But a single act of treachery, timed to devastating effect, tests him as much as the enemy.

He forms a plan against overwhelming odds to protect all that he loves. But his choices lead him ever deeper into a life-changing struggle. Dark forces of sorcery are on the move. So too are the powers that contend with them. The conflict draws him into a quest for the safety of the whole land and toward a girl who comes to mean more to him than anything. He enters a world of magic: sometimes beautiful, often perilous and always unpredictable.

This boxed set is the entire Raithlindrath series.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic