Forgetting Tomorrow

by Jerry Evanoff

Have you ever wondered how you’ll die?

It never crossed Peter’s mind until the night he figured out time travel.

When he discovered his future was full of death and destruction, possibly of his own doing, would he regret his choice to use it?

Peter lives in the world of IT. It’s not glamorous. He’s bored. At least he has Anna in graphic design. She makes coming to work each day tolerable.

How can he win her over?

At the end of each day, Peter heads home alone and sits in his living room, tinkering with his secret project. The day it worked changed his life and sent him to Montana in 1873.

After Anna finds out his secret, his worlds collide.

With a host of new possibilities, his life has changed forever, but the path he’s on isn’t heading where he thinks, and Peter will have to face the worst decision imaginable.

Will he choose to save Anna or humanity?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel