Forbidden Queen

by R.J. Vickers

Her power is forbidden…but she’s next in line for the throne.

When Kalleah sets out to claim her rightful place on the throne, she faces danger and enemies around every corner. Her forbidden power makes her an outcast, but she’ll risk everything to save her home.

Baylore was once a haven for the magic races that were persecuted and killed in other lands.

Now, a small but dangerous group calling themselves Truthbringers have stirred up public sentiment against all magic–not just the forbidden races.

If Kalleah can’t claim her throne, the once-peaceful city of Baylore will fall to chaos. Hatred and bigotry threaten to overthrow everything Baylore once stood for.

Can Kalleah win the throne and hold Baylore together?

Or have the Truthbringers already sown the seeds of discontent too deep?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic