Faster, Stronger, Deader – Augmented book 1

by Stuart Kenyon

In 2067, the zomb-augs rule the world.

They were human, once, until a virus corrupted the global augmentation server, killing then resurrecting billions. Now the undead infest every nation, slaughtering anyone who crosses their path.

Augmentation was criticized by the technophobic when introduced in the early 2060s, but most of mankind signed up anyway. Desperate not to be rendered obsolete by the advances of AI, billions had their bodies & brains implanted with circuitry & operating systems. The augmented were, for a while, faster, stronger & better than their AugFree counterparts.

John is an engineer, a problem-solver. His skills have kept him alive for the last 2 years, though everyone else in his crew is dead. Lonely & angry, he wants to know who is responsible for the murder of everyone he’s ever known.

Will he dare leave his refuge in New Jersey to find other survivors in NYC?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic