Faith: A Mind-Bending Fantasy Thriller

by Nick Nielsen

When a streetwise skeptic discovers a cosmic long con, can he rescue humanity from a dark fate?

London. After seven years in a gang, Jake hopes to buy his freedom with one last job at a ribbon-cutting for the mega rich. But he can’t believe his eyes when a supernatural force crashes the super-train into the station, leaving only him alive.

Pursued by sinister forces, the savvy conman is joined by a young nurse and a seemingly doddering priest as they uncover a preternatural conspiracy as old as the universe. Can this reluctant hero shed his cynicism and undertake a journey to save humankind?

Faith, Book 1 of The Faith Trilogy, combines The Matrix with The Da Vinci Code, blending Wachowskis’ world-shattering ideas and the religious intrigue found in Dan Brown’s page-turners. It explores the nature of reality, all within the pages of a lightning-paced fantasy thriller.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary