Exploited Blood

by RS Merritt

It comes in waves.

It’s already too late for most of us. Walking around with bio-bombs ticking away in our bloodstreams. Bombs that are synchronized to go off together. Before you know it you’re diving into the deep end of depravity. A pool of insanity you’re never coming back from. Surfacing once or twice to witness the horrors you’ve caused before your soul takes a deep breath and disappears forever.

It’s not natural.

The infections occurring simultaneously across the globe prove it’s not a freak phenomena. Someone is behind the pandemic that’s turning people into insane cannibals. Who’d benefit from so much death and chaos though? The humanity of whatever group pulled the trigger on this madness is seriously up for debate.

There’s No Vaccine

Chris watches as the world around him falls apart. Bitten by a loved one he hovers in a feverish state for weeks. His recovery carefully obs

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic