Exile’s Redemption

by Lee Dunning

W’rath’s past has forever tainted his future. Exiled for 10,000 years, the god-like elf escapes his prison only to witness a hellish attack against his people’s descendants. But as the demonic invaders close in for the final slaughter, he’s drawn to the power of an enraged innocent—and steps in to change the fate of the world.

As W’rath attempts to escape his reviled deeds, can he teach a young paladin how to harness her magic or will ancient forces eliminate the Elven Nation and his one chance at redemption?

Exile’s Redemption is the first book in the Chronicles of Shadow epic fantasy series. If you like engaging banter, innovative takes on classic fantasy, and heroes battling impossible odds, then you’ll love Lee Dunning’s spellbinding novel.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic