Empty Between the Stars (The Songs of Old Sol Book 1)

by Stephen Hunt

It is the far future. The artificial intelligences created by humanity are now gods, and mankind mere ants who scrabble in their shadows across a million worlds.

The Lords of the Great Houses on the ever-night Moon of Hexator are suspected of the murder of one of their own. And merchant William Roxley, once a magistrate-priest, is unwillingly coopted to uncover the truth behind the killings.

With only the help of his naive young assistant and a brutish robot bodyguard, the man they call ‘Sweet William’ digs into the Moon’s eerie existence. A collapsing society where many strange, terrible things are happening under night’s unsettling cover.

But, Hexator is a place where nothing is what it seems, perhaps not even William Roxley himself!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure