Embers of the Empire

by Robert D Armstrong

By the end of his first combat tour on Narpal, Rivan was a decorated imperial tank commander.

But he and his artificial intelligence companion returned to an empire facing a new threat. Support for a mysterious faction known as the fourth legion has spread throughout the galaxy at an alarming rate. There were reports of instability at mining colonies and violent incursions. Regional governors have been attacked as the empire scrambled to regain control.

The death dealers.

Rivan is recruited by the elite Hexes squadron, a shadowy imperial faction known for its cutting-edge hardware. Hexes is led by Commander JT Zess and Admiral Vissers. They devise an aggressive preemptive strike to uphold the empire’s claim to a strategic planet named Jupa.

The EXO.

Hexes assigns Rivan to pilot a new EXO walker called the Nemesis. It is perhaps the most advanced military machine ever conce

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization