Edward Maret: A Novel of the Future

by Robert I. Katz

The Count of Monte Cristo meets Robocop!
If you love tortured heroes in impossible situations facing long odds with little chance of success…but who know how to rise to a challenge and who never give up, then you will love Edward Maret!

A futuristic space opera that is both epic and philosophical
Edward Maret is a happy man. He is young rich, carefree and engaged to be married, but Edward Maret has enemies. His cousin Philip wants his money. Vincent FitzMichael wants his fiancee, and Jason Deseret, a man with a dangerous secret, fears that Edward Maret can destroy him.

A new life beyond recognition
Six years later, the cyborg corps is humanity’s first line of defense against the alien Kliya, and cyborg AX-17 is one of the best: swift, skilled and deadly. His memories stolen from him, his face and body mutilated beyond recognition, cyborg A-17 has no choice but to obey.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera