Dragon’s Inferno

by Melinda Cordell

Three women are poised to set the medieval world on fire.

Neva is the enchantress who discovers a horrifying new power that is certain to get her burned at the stake.

Teita Anna, a grandmother who was once an assassin, abruptly comes face-to-face with the past that she’s fled and a call to a new, dangerous cause.

Fia, a dragonrider, is trying to rescue her dragon and her own father before his execution – and she’s going to do both in front of a crowd of thousands during the most explosive dragon race of the 1200s.

Their adversary, the Cardinal Benedetto, is about to get a promotion which will give him control of an army and a full battalion of spies – and he has a reason to want every one of our heroines dead.

Let the games begin.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic