Dragon Spirit: Cry of Revenge

by Cory Reynolds

Oh, sweet revenge.

Your servant calls like the widow after her master’s murder.

Are you bitter victory? Or wonderful death? “Both,” answers The Dragon.

Morrigan and her dragon, nighttime protectors against unearthly evils. Your spirit bond will be challenged. Tell your people to wake their spirit animals and load their weapons of war. While you rest, the battle has already begun.

“Bring it!” roars The Dragon at the witches and the demons, but what if your bond is severed? Will your ancient heart retreat and let wisdom reign? Or will you promise bloody revenge with all the fury of the reaper’s scythe?

Clean your talons you beast of lore, we plan to enjoy your story. Because everybody loves a good tale of revenge once in a while.

A little Golden Compass, a little Kill Bill, and a whole lot of dragon. A new episode comes out every 21 days.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban