Dragon Plagued

by Travis Simmons

A kingdom besieged by dragons. A girl’s quest for revenge.

Wylan’s home is in ruin. Caught in the snare of dragon magic, her mother burned before her very eyes. It had happened so fast…too fast.

She’d always thought dragons were beautiful creatures. Labeled as monsters but largely misunderstood. She was wrong.

Disoriented, homeless, and fueled by rage, Wylan vows to kill the blue dragon that destroyed her life. Low on hope, with no provisions, and miles of endless sand between her and the beast, she sets out on a desperate quest of revenge. Facing the dragon will mean certain death, but what does she have to live for? Dogged by danger and hunted by dragons, will Wylan live long enough to kill the beast? Or will the hazards of the long desert claim her life before she can find the blue dragon?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery