Division of the Marked

by March McCarron

As children, they meet.

Bray and Yarrow have little in common. She’s all fire. He’s all heart. But the same ancient symbol brands their skin, marking them as members of the Chisanta—a superhuman society of scholars and martial artists. Together, they travel far to undergo a brutal initiation trial, and form a bond that neither can forget.

As young adults, they clash.

Years later these friends-turned-rivals reunite, and fond memories won’t stop them from crossing swords. She doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t understand her. But if they don’t learn to work together, a troubling string of deaths will remain unsolved. And the fate of their kind could hang in the balance.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Elevation of the Marked

by March McCarron

Bray and Yarrow escaped with their lives, believing that Quade Asher and his Elevated planned to start a war. Soon they will learn the truth – Quade need not fight a single battle. He has already won.

With his ability to charm and persuade, Quade holds the entire nation enthralled. Those who resist are labeled defectors and are widely hunted. For these outlaws, no place is safe. No one can be trusted. The Elevated have eyes everywhere.

Desperate to counter Quade’s control, the group who could barely coexist must now rely solely upon each other. Ko-Jin strives to protect those most in danger, Bray seeks answers, and Yarrow discovers long-lost knowledge of the Chisanta. But when Quade threatens to commit his worst atrocity yet, they all must come out of hiding to defy their enemy face-to-face.

Previously $4.99