Divine War Games of Whimsy and Wile: Partisans of Chessman Bishop

by Christiane Howards

Divine forces clash and mortal lives hang in the balance in this paranormal urban fantasy thriller where the Gods vie for control of Earth and the entire universe. The city of Chessman Bishop is a pivotal hotbed in this galactic game of politics and warfare where otherworldly agents manipulate the human race. Holly has found herself in the middle of it all – an unwitting important player in their games. Will she accept her new found position and powers – her fate in the hands of the goddess Neiphrolyn or stay stuck in her atheistic ways? Her life and the lives of her friends are at stake. If Holly is able to rise to the occassion they might all survive unscathed. If not the question is not when will they die, but how horrific will their deaths be, and will the rest of Chessman Bishop fall victim to this same tragedy?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban