by John M. Olsen

Mining a tiny moon in a remote star system has its challenges. At the top of the list: If the power dies, the crew dies.
Jericho Jackson looks forward to finishing one last job: a high-risk, high-pay mining gig. A string of disasters throws the operation into life-threatening chaos as his team loses contact with their orbital support station. They will have to use all their specialized training to stay alive when they discover nobody’s coming to rescue them.
Shanna Percival, his teammate and one-time girlfriend, keeps their equipment in top shape, but her tendency to tinker and stick her nose where it doesn’t belong turns up a mysterious cache of data that shouldn’t exist.
Knowledge is power. Her discovery could be the ultimate key to overcoming the growing danger, but time is running out …

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


by John M. Olsen

Jericho Jackson has a ship to build, a sister to find, and a fiancée to marry, along with a priceless store of interstellar jump ship fuel to protect from thieves and murderers. Not bad for a guy who is supposed to be dead.
Shanna Percival has a driving need to not only constantly prove herself a mechanical wizard, but to also meet her mother’s expectations, and to tie the knot with Jericho. She has to do it all without tipping off those who might want her and Jericho to stay dead.
It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t have to go back to a troubled Earth, the home of both their problems and their goals. At each step, the mission grows more complex and more dangerous as they encounter mystery, intrigue and betrayal.
Through it all, questions surrounding the Polecat Protocol grow. Will it be their beacon of hope, or will it fail them as society crumbles?

Previously $3.99