Destiny’s Cradle

by Paul Crawford

Having escaped a doomed Earth, the colony ship Destiny has been travelling for a thousand years towards a distant, but apparently habitable, planet. However, something happened, long ago, that upset the carefully laid plans of the starship’s designers, a crisis, now long forgotten, that left the crew and its descendants trapped for generations within the ship’s biosphere.

For teenagers Ben and Tessa, this Earth-like biosphere is the only world they’ve ever known. That’s about to change. While harvesting cotton one warm afternoon, they see a hole open up in a nearby meadow—like the doorway to another dimension. That hole disgorges a naked man, barely conscious and clutching a human leg bone, and then vanishes. As astonishing to Ben and Tessa, this man is a complete stranger to them, and in their small world, no one has ever seen a stranger before.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization