Desert Enchantments

by Laura Engelhardt

Meet Amir Khalid, the Djinn Dictator!

A Class Five mage, Khalid developed the only long-distance magical weapon in existence: the dreaded djinni, who spin across the deserts, destroying everything in their path. Now, he faces the kind of challenge only an Oracle could have predicted.

In “Recasting Fate,” we join Khalid as he attempts to rout the European invaders from the Sahara Desert. Except a faerie breezes in with an offer he can’t refuse.

In “Djinn Swarm,” Khalid battles for self-control after he discovers the only thing more powerful than a djinn: love.

These two novelettes are a perfect gateway into the Fifth Mage War series, introducing new characters and new cultures as the world moves inextricably toward a cataclysmic war.

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories