Demon Moon (Prof Croft Book 1)

by Brad Magnarella

As a scholar and spell-caster, Everson Croft knows his magic. But when a mysterious evil threatens New York City, will it be enough?

Find out in the first novel in the quarter-million selling Croftverse!

Talking cat included.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blood Deal (Prof Croft Book 2)

by Brad Magnarella

Continue the ride with scholar and spell-caster Everson Croft in his second urban fantasy adventure.

An elusive creature is chewing up residents in a housing project run by rival gangs. One more mangled body and the place will explode into warfare. Problem is, someone powerful is protecting the killer…

If you like occult action, spell-crackling suspense, and moments of heart, heroism, and all-out laughter, you’ll love Prof Croft!

Previously $4.99