Delta Underground Operatives: Clara & Damien: Complete Boxed Set

by Sarah Noffke

Blood-sucking vampires and vegan psychics don’t mix. But to save the world from a magic-stealing madman, they’re going to have to. The Delta Underground Operatives, humanity’s last line of defense against evil threats, only enlist the brightest and the best. Clara and Damien fit the bill. So when a threat like no other can only be stopped by a perfect assassin team, the organization recruits these two unlikely vigilantes with complementary skill sets. Too bad they can’t stand each other. He’s dangerous. She’s peaceful. He’s loud. She’s meditative. They don’t see eye to eye, but they’ll have to fight side by side. As their target hunts the innocent and threatens to destroy the delicate balance of magic, everything rests on the duo’s ability to work together. Clara wants peace. Damien wants vengeance. Only they can take down evil. But first, they’ll have to get along…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban