Deep Into the Game + Failsafe (GAMELAND Books 1+2)

by Saul Tanpepper

6 HACKERS, 1 GAME… and 10,000 UNDEAD.

Who doesn’t love watching “Survivalist,” a hit reality show based on Arc Entertainment’s premier first-person shooter thriller, “The Game”? After all, it’s almost like going nose-to-nose with real live zombies, except these are cybernetically controlled and safely held inside a gaming arcade in the middle of Long Island. It’s entertainment to die for.


If you’re rich enough, you can buy your way in. If you’re desperate enough, you can volunteer to become one of the Undead Players. Jessie Daniels and her gang of computer hackers plan to break their way in.

Welcome to GAMELAND. Access Restricted. Exit impossible.

Contains the first two installments of the epic cyberpunk thriller. More than a sick twist on the zombie genre, this is a meticulously laid-out blueprint for an all-too-probable future.

Are you game?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic