Death Dealers

by M.G. Gallows

Alex Fossor is a bottom-rung necromancer just trying to pay his bills when he’s framed for murder, and the victim’s body vanishes. He is arrested by the Rimbault Society, mages who quietly rule the world. Without proof of his deeds, the Archmage hexes Alex’s heart to kill him should they find the missing body. To clear his name Alex contends with the restless dead below the city, and ally himself with Jocelyn, a beautiful mage with motives of her own. His search leads him to the Brothers Midnight, a cult selling drugs for souls. Exhausted and hunted from all sides, Alex perseveres with the help of a banshee named Madelyn, who he was forced to raise from the dead after a wight he was responsible for fatally bites her. Together, they stop the ritual, and learn the Archmage orchestrated events to serve his own interests. Alex makes peace with the undead to face the future together.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban