Day of the Devourer

by DF Pieper

When you need to find and destroy an alien weapon, he’s the last guy you call.

Rej Antares, a disgraced former galactic agent, has landed in prison on a remote third-world planet. Now Galactic Intelligence has intercepted chatter that a merciless alien race plans to deploy a mysterious weapon to eradicate an entire colony of humans. In exchange for his freedom, Rej is now dragged back into service and has only three days to find out what the weapon is and how to stop it.

Rej must partner with a regulation-obsessed weapons specialist and an unpredictably clairvoyant antique dealer in a race across the galaxy to solve this mystery before time runs out.

DAY OF THE DEVOURER is an entertaining, fast-paced, interstellar adventure that will keep you turning pages from beginning to end. It’s scifi action adventure like Murderbot combined with a James Bond-style spy thriller.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Day of the Ancestor

by DF Pieper

Only one man knows why Rej Antares is being hunted by Galactic Intelligence and that man has gone missing.

Rej Antares, former galactic agent, has started a freelance spy-for-hire business and it’s not going so well. His rent is overdue and his best clients either don’t pay on time or carelessly put his life in danger. Now, just when he’s got the chance to make up for his losses by collecting a bounty for the crime lord Kagga Jín, he gets sidetracked by his former partner, Astra, who tells him he’s a wanted man and that Thaddeus, the only man in the galaxy who might be able to explain why, has disappeared.

If he can dodge a swarm of bloodthirsty bounty hunters and a deadly team of rogue black ops agents, he might live long enough to find Thaddeus and get his life back on track, but when has it ever been that easy?

DAY OF THE ANCESTOR is the second book in the trilogy.

Previously $4.99