Dark Siren

by Eden Ashley

A tale of love, betrayal, and heartbreaking secrets between Kalista, a girl who largely lacks understanding of the powerful creature contained within her, and Rhane, the mysterious man from her forgotten past. Dark Siren’s fresh paranormal elements and its unique take on siren mythology will keep readers guessing until the end.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Eden Ashley

Keeping Kali safe has become a full time job for Rhane. And struggling to gain control of the immortal Banewolf isn’t making that task any easier. The power to eliminate the growing threat against Kali lies at Rhane’s fingertips, but using it means risking his friends to the insatiable blood lust of a monster. So Rhane is forced to forge a shaky alliance with creatures he has sworn to destroy. Despite these new allies, the danger pressing on their borders intensifies, culminating in a heartbreaking and shocking finale.

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