by Hetty Crane and P.J. Merchant

When a freakish on-stage accident propels the art rock band Sun into Arethea, a world where music has unpredictable but very real magical power, guitarist Robin Wood and his bandmates become pawns in a deadly political struggle. Four of the band are captured and imprisoned, but Robin escapes, helped by the Solanese faction who demand his cooperation in an ancient ritual that will allow them to channel his musical power. “What does this ritual involve?” Robin asks, all the while thinking to himself, please, god, don’t let it involve killing anyone or anything! As Robin awaits the answer, the lives of his imprisoned mates and the fate of all Aretheans hang in the balance.

Daram is a spellbinding, humorous, and richly imagined novel that creates unforgettable characters readers will come to love.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic