Daisy’s Run

by Scott Baron

Life in deep space with a ship full of cyborgs, AIs, and mechanically-altered humans could be a drag sometimes, but seeing as she hadn’t been blown up or blasted into the void, at least not yet, Daisy supposed things could be worse. Now if she could somehow figure out who, or what, was threatening her flight home to Earth, things would be just peachy.

“Exciting action sequences, good dialogue, nifty science, and well-drawn relationships make for an entertaining read.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A brilliant storyline rife with plenty of dry humor, impromptu romps and plot twists as twisted as the cyborgs.” – ★★★★ – I.R. Reviews

“Professional, polished, and aggressively kickass, this book is engaging science fiction.” – ★★★★ – Reading & Literature Resources Reviews

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera