Cut From Stone

by Brendan O’Meara

James is a 17-year-old growing up in the Federation of the Americas, a union of North and South America. He is drafted to join the military, destined to be part of an elite group of soldiers created to defend the Federation from the BlankZone, the mysterious part of Earth that stopped talking to the rest of the world after the Melt.
In training, James is tested with gruesome and grueling tasks and forced to fight alongside his new warrior friends. They are commanded by General Croyton, a sadistic, ruthless military leader who sees them less as people and more as machines created to carry out his orders.
After training, James and the team are placed in Midway, a city on the Eastern seaboard. They are instructed to protect the city under their new commander, Lieutenant Brandt. The team preps Midway for an impending battle that will impact the future of James, his friends, and humanity

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian