Curse of the Dragons

by Kim Vermaak

What does it take to turn a Dragon Whisperer’s Heart?

Amat-ul, a Dragon Whisperer born in the chains of captivity, faces an unrelenting darkness. Ravana, the malevolent warlord who seeks to twist Amat-ul’s heart, hungers for a weapon that only a Dragon Whisperer can provide. Yet, despite enduring more than 16 annual moon cycles, Amat-ul’s spirit remains unbroken.

When Ravana’s scribe stumbles upon a long-forgotten secret, a perilous new path unfolds. Ravana dispatches his scouts to seek this woman of untainted purity, recognizing her as the key to unlocking the dreaded transformation of a Whisperer.

Within the shadows of this epic struggle, one woman holds the balance of good and evil in her hands.

As the battle for Amat-ul’s soul rages on, will he find a means to escape the clutches of the tyrant before Ravana’s nightmarish scheme to dominate the world takes hold?

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Category: Christian Fantasy