Cry Havoc

by Mike Morris

The demons are coming and they want your blood.

Seven hundred years ago, flesh-eating demons came out of the darkness and conquered all who tried to stand before them. Only the island nation of Abios remained free, protected by the warrior priests known as the Black Dogs.

Now, a demon fleet stands poised to invade humankind’s last bastion and new heroes must be found.

Jack Frey, a street thief, is no one’s idea of a hero. He certainly didn’t ask to be thrust onto the front-line of a centuries-old struggle — but war doesn’t care who it calls to fight.

Across the Angel Sea, Lin, a slave of the demons, may never have seen a sunrise but she knows how to survive no matter what hell comes her way.

Little do they know humankind’s fate lies in both their hands.

Can these unlikely warriors stop the demon hordes before all is lost?

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Category: Dark Fantasy