Crossroads of Bones

by Luanne Bennett

Keep your inner beast in the closet and stop the crossroads of hell from busting wide open?

Piece of cake.

The best revenge after getting dumped is to open a successful tattoo shop and make loads of money, right? Well, maybe not loads, but it pays the rent. Apparently, MagicInk also attracts demons.

When Katie Bishop gets a visit from a Southern gentleman straight out of central casting, he informs her she’s just made a grave mistake that could destroy the city.

Enter the Crossroads Society.

She’s just been commissioned to correct that mistake. All she has to do is trap a demon. How hard can it be? When your best friend is the queen of Savannah and your new boyfriend is Superman, you’d think it would be super easy—right? Well, not exactly.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban