Contain: The Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

by Saul Tanpepper

A terrifying infection ravages your world. In the chaos that ensues, you’re torn from your home and your family, everyone you love, and forced into a remote bunker with complete strangers. 3 years later, a madman comes pounding at your door, ranting something about an impossible cure.

Are you a fan of survival stories? End-of-the-world scenarios? Looking for your next post-apocalyptic binge-read? From the creator of the popular World of GAMELAND series ZPOCALYPTO comes the Flense, a deadly disease that spreads not with a cough, but with a touch. And if you’re infected, they give you a terrifying name: Wraith.

They say there is no cure. But then again, they said the bunker would keep everyone safe. It was all lies. Enticed by the possibility of a cure, the survivors of Bunker 8 will risk everything in a world where only one thing is for sure: death is better than the Flense.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic