Cloak and Dagger

by Scott Walker

A life-loving wood elf and a life-leeching necromancer. It’s a match made in hell…or the latest dating app.

Their skills are polar opposites, but if they can overcome their differences, their powers will pair perfectly.

And that’s precisely what Delta Underground Operatives needs: a crazy powerful assassin team who can save the world.

Val: I learned all about the necromantic arts, but I don’t mess with zombies, because gross. My DUO partner still thinks I’m one step away from going full necromancer-with-a-corpse-army. How do I convince the long-eared lughead he can trust me?

Timmeron: For over 800 years, I’ve embraced life and opposed all who deny it. My new dualcaster partner thinks I’m pure goodness, but she doesn’t know about my past…

DUO knows Timmeron and Val are the perfect team, even if they don’t.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban