City of Masks

by Ashley Capes

Sick of elves and orcs? Then this is the epic fantasy for you!

Waking in Anaskar Prison, covered in blood and accused of murder, nobody will listen to Notch’s claims of innocence until he meets the future Protector of the Monarchy, Sofia Falco.

But Sofia has her own burdens. The first female Protector in a hundred years, her House is under threat from enemies within, the prince has made it clear he does not want her services and worst of all, she cannot communicate with her father’s sentient mask of bone, the centuries-old Argeon. Without the bone mask she cannot help anyone — not herself, and certainly not a mercenary with no powerful House to protect him.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Lost Mask

by Ashley Capes

The chapters practically fly by…it’s a strong continuation of the story that began in ‘City of Masks’ and certainly leaves a reader itching to get their hands on the third and final installment.
– Fantasy Literature

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