Chronicles of a Stolen World 1-6

by J.A. Hailey

These Chronicles tell of a race of virtual beings, born naturally in the Internet of our time.

Devising a program called Real Virtuality, to acquire relative physicality to live like humans, they fashion a world exactly the same as the human world.
They incorporate human attributes that enable them to interact with each other, quite like the humans in the world on the other side of the cameras. But some emotions just have to be naturally found, before being converted into programs for incorporation into themselves.
Enter Esmeralda, a natural born repository of what they seek. But she is much more, and she involuntarily breaks the virtual-physical dimension barrier.
The rupture in the barrier holds the key to immortality, leading to a feature being stolen, and to beastly humans setting up a parallel world to prey on society.
Which ends in warfare between virtuals and the digitals!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure