Children of the Wise Oak

by Oliver J Tooley

Blyth, Teague, and Abbon, three brothers of the Durotriges tribe in southern Britain, discover a strange old man, living alone in the forest, who warns them of a coming storm.
Soon afterwards, their father returns from travelling in distant lands. But then, terrible events force them to flee from their village; the only home they have ever known.
The old man teaches them some magic, before they embark on a journey across the sea to Gaul, guided by the warrior mage Gwenn.
Gwenn brings them to train with the mysterious Deru-Weidi, but will their magic be enough when they come face to face with the mighty city of Rome?

Set in a historically accurate backdrop of iron age Britain, Gaul, and the Roman Republic; “Children of the Wise Oak” is a historical fantasy featuring magical realism, Celtic culture and religion, the occasional dragon, and more.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Women of the Wise Oak

by Oliver Tooley

Historically grounded fantasy (sequel to Children of the Wise Oak)
Gwenn is sent to Rome to spy on a young patrician, Gaius Julius Caesar, born on the same day as Blyth and supposedly the subject of a prophesy in which Gwenn herself has little faith.

Although a powerful Deru-Weida her magic may not be enough as she falls under Caesar’s spell and soon she must ask for help from Blyth’s mother Epona.

While the two ladies see eye-to-eye on the merits of Roman wine, they disagree about almost everything else.

Enslaved by Caesar, caught up in epic battles, and captured by pirates, has Gwenn bitten off more than she can chew?

Previously $5.99