Children of the Night

by Zan Safra

Sixteen-year-old Ayanda Draculesti doesn’t remember her early lifeā€”all she knows is that she was found as a small child, wandering the streets of Venice with a strange medallion and a mangled arm. She knows that she’s an Unnatural, an alchemical being created with strange abilities. She knows that if anyone finds out, she’ll die at the hands of an angry mob.

Ayanda isn’t the only young Unnatural in Venice. Ghostly Yurei is in hiding, fleeing captors determined to turn him into an assassin. Jette Jekyll and Belle Frankenstein are on the run from alchemists who want them dissected. Their paths collide when an enemy surfaces: one of the Greater Dead, a vampire that slithers through Venice murdering all she encounters.

Ayanda’s determined to stop this Dead creature before she kills again. Yurei, Jette and Belle aren’t. They owe the world nothing.

But Ayanda can’t defeat a vampire alone.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Isle of Bones: A Nightworld Story

by Zan Safra

Everyone knows the tale of Poveglia. The lonely island has been haunted since the time of the Red Death. Five hundred years ago the island became a mass grave, the pyre of thousands upon thousands of half-transformed victims. No Venetian will sail within sight of it. It’s said that Poveglia’s very soil is made of ash.

It’s been a fortnight since Ayanda, Yurei, Jette and Belle battled the fiend and stopped her army from ravaging Venice. But their scars have hardly begun to fade when a new menace emerges from the cursed island, new creatures as mysterious as they are vicious.

Creatures that rob Ayanda of her vampiric powers. That leave Yurei at the mercy of a ghost from his past. That invade Jette’s soul and tear it in two. That force Belle to discover their secrets alone. That threaten to rip Venice and its people to rags.

Creatures that aren’t vampires.

Previously $2.99